Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celebration of Another's Dream

Her name was Rebekah.  She could get under my husband's skin like no other.  Known to him since he was four.  And always pestering.  The culmination of that pestering came about when they entered the Buckle as high school students to go shopping.  Rebekah proceeded to introduce Eric to the gay guy at the checkout...knowing full well that would wig his heterosexual being totally out.  She was good for a laugh.

Today, she is good for a song.

In a way, Jessica and Rebekah and Bethany were the sisters Eric never had.  They grew up together.  They harassed the mess out of one another.  As a married couple, Eric and I celebrated with them during Jessica and Rebekah's double wedding.  We also mourned with them after the tragic loss of Bethany.

Losing a sister, we get that.

Today, we celebrate with their family all over again.  Rebekah has just released her CD, Come Awaken.  You can buy it off of itunes...just type in 'Rebekah Sullivant.'

If your heart is in need of a new song,
then give this former Arkansas girl a chance.

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Rebekah Sullivant said...

Becky, that is so sweet! Thank you so much for the "shout out". Blessings to you sweet friend!