Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Early Riser

The door makes its funny air-suctioned slamming noise.  It is Cade's door, almost 50 years old and still serving its purpose.  But with noise.  I always say that those who live longest have the right to say anything.  I guess it goes that way with doors as well.  I know his routine.  He dresses.  Makes bed.  Opens Word.  Reads Proverbs.  Opens obstreperous door ready to face the day. 

Only this day, it is 4:50 a.m.  Eric had just flown out the door, headed to another city for another week of ensuring his family eats.  He doesn't complain.  Sometimes his beloved does.

I smile as the oldest, the responsible one, comes into my room to feed the ever hungry laundry hamper.  I tell him what time it really is.  He flusters, not grasping the reality of it all.  Why, what is he to do now that he is dressed?  I laugh, tell him to put his PJ's back on and enjoy an additional two hours of sleep.

And God whispers that I am no different than the oldest, responsible one.  I hunger to be in the center of His will, terrified I might miss it.  I am walking ahead of Him.  I am ready-to-go and prayed-up but my timing is off.  I just need to go back to sleep.  Wait on God to wake things up.

Allow myself a couple more hours of much needed rest.

Just Rest.


Kim said...

I'd love some advice on encouraging Megan to have a quiet time with the Lord on her own...

Becke' said...

Kim...unless Eric said something to Cade, then he started doing it on his own...I pray a ton that the boys will start to have a hunger and thirst for God's word...what a joy to start to see them pick it up for themselves!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Whoa Nelly-

This is some good stuff.

Really, really good stuff.

And your writing-brilliant!!!

Beautifully said!