Wednesday, October 26, 2011

50 Things That Drain My Energy

While at the retreat, we were encouraging to jot down 50 things that drain our energy.  The idea is that we can change those things and allow those things to bring us energy instead.  I don't easily tackle this kind of project because I know how overwhelmed the process of "knowing" is for me.  I can't change everything at once...and some things I can't change at all...and so the process of writing it all down and becoming self aware makes me dream of mice living in my car when I write down that my messy car is an energy drainer.  (Which I did in fact, dream, last night.)  But, in the spirit of seeing what good can come from are my 50, which were penned in about 3.3 seconds.

1.  cluttered desk
2.  garage
3.  laundry room
4.  ironing that builds up
5.  trying to find time to work out
5.  the blah feeling when I don't work out
6.  having to cover up furniture so dog can lay on it
7.  trying to squeeze cleaning and grocery shopping into one day
8.  day always interrupted midday to go get Sam (not that I don't love getting him...just hate the interruption)
9.  the drive to and from school...sometimes 1 1/2 hours in car daily
10.  neck ache/tension/headaches
11.  Eric traveling (I have pity on single mothers)
12.  too much stuff on calendar...everything conflicts
13.  crammed closets
14.  unorganized photography props---where to put them???
15.  dog smell, dog hair, dog running away
16.  too many Bible studies...trying to keep up with three is too much
17.  Loud noises...the unnecessary noise of life
18.  T.V. on...hate the noise
19.  always trying to figure out what to feed our family
20.  always cleaning the kitchen
21.  dirty carpet that needs to be cleaned and perhaps even replaced
22.  picking up after others
23.  rinsing other's dishes when the food has dried
24.  putting other's clothes into laundry basket
25.  toothpaste on boys' towels
26.  need to lose 10 pounds
27.  maintaining so many relationships and not having the time to do them justice
28.  junk mail
29.  organization of papers...always sooo many papers!
30.  other kids' bday invitations that crowd our schedule (sorry that sounds mean!)
31.  junk mail emails/forwards
32.  not enough time in Word (for myself, not a study)
33.  believing the Enemy's lies
34.  not enough prayer
35.  no "me" time
36.  Eric relaying too much work info (fine balance here, cause I want him to share!)
37.  dealing with vehicle issues...I hate getting it serviced and gassing it up
38.  kids talking back or arguing
39.  unexpected expenses
40.  no caffeine drains the ol' energy!
41.  toilet lids left up
42.  being a taxi mom
43.  unanswered prayer/not resting in God's sovereignty
44.  grief and always wondering the "why"
45.  messy car...hard to keep clean when we are always in it
46.  clothes and shoes that won't ever fit when you need new ones
47.  people not listening to my heart
48.  striking up conversations with people I don't know well
49.  how fast cash goes
50.  what it costs to simply live

How do you like them apples?  Wish I didn't have to transfer that list over into my dreams.

All 50 things don't occur at the same time...and I love my life and the blessings God has bestowed on me, so I not complaining...just trying to realize what drains me and if there is anything I can do to change it.  Do you have any ideas on turning those things into energy boosters?  :)


pbee ... said...

Oh, you sound like me when I had six little ones at home! I would love to sit and share with you how I got through those years and have graduated into the 'empty nest' with its challenges.When asked what my best gift would be I always said: Home alone for a day in a clean house!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet One -
Beautiful blog, and BEAUTIFUL pictures (I clicked the link from Anna's)...

Guess I should build my own list but man - i'm just too tired. :)

Love Ya,