Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tooth Fairy and Binkie

Sam lost his first tooth!  I'll have to get a pic up here sometime.  He has always been paranoid about people messing with his teeth, so we waited until it was hanging on by a thread and gave it a tug.  Fortunately, a tug was all that was needed.  He ran his tongue over the empty whole where his tooth had been and started crying uncontrollably.  It was as if we had amputated his arm and he had just woken up to the strange shock of having a body part missing. 

We managed to pacify him with dreams of the Tooth Fairy and all the loot that would be left for him in the middle of the night.  {Provided the Tooth Fairy took her ginkgo biloba to remind her that she had an important task at hand.}  All the sudden, the conversation was hijacked by the mean eleven year old, determined to destroy childhood for the likes of everyone.  He proceeded to tell the younger generation that there was no such thing as the Tooth Fairy.  Gasp.  Nor the Easter Bunny.  Double Gasp.  Nor Santa.  Triple Gasp!

Eli looks up at the parentals with crazy fear and screams "Say it isn't so..."  At which point the wise parentals ask him what he thinks is real.  Pass the baton, that is how we roll around here.

Even in the face of receiving underwear alone for Christmas from here on out, Cade is still our black and white kind of guy.  Once he believes in something, there is no going back...and he doesn't see any reason in holding the younger ones in the bondage of believing certain things, I guess. 

Poor little brothers.  I think it is hard to be you sometimes.

{Insert subject change.}

The kids have made up a game that we play in the car.  It is "Binkie."  We will be happy to sell the copyrights and rules to all that are interested.  You would think it would be easy...we simply spot yellow vehicles.  But, oh, no, our family has taken Binkie to a whole new legalistic level.  If there is a law that can be made then our first born is going to make it.  First of all, we call yellow vehicles "Binkies" because it is a cross between a Bumblebee (like Transformers) and Twinkie. 

And here is where you might need the playbook, written by Cade.

1.  No Binkie 18 wheelers allowed
2.  No Binkie Taxis allowed
3.  No Binkies parked within a square mile of your home allowed
4.  You can't call out the same exact Binkie vehicle more than once in a day (so you might as well memorize the plates.)
5.  In the moment that two people call out "Binkie" at the exact same time, then you proceed with saying "Jinx you owe me a coke, Jinx you owe me a coke, Jinx you owe me a coke" at the same time as the other person.  Whoever finishes that mantra first wins the Binkie.
6.  Cade has the right to add to the Binkie rulebook playbook at any time.
7.  Drivers should focus on the road ahead of them and consider any Binkies attained as the unmerited favor of God.

Yep, this firstborn child of ours loves black and white.  And nothing in between.  He would have made a good legalist...following the law perfectly.  Can't wait to see the story of grace God is going to write on His heart...just like He has mine.

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Kim said...

That is so funny! I was laughing about the underwear comment. Then laughing more about the whole "rulebook" thing. Megan does that too. She LOVES to make up rules to things that don't even matter. Something about feeling in control I think!! :) Your boys are absolutely precious! Tell Sam congrats for us.