Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

We had the perfect day yesterday.  By the grace of God, all kids' sporting events had been moved to different days so we declared this Saturday our family day.  The boys and I slept in while Eric ran 9 miles!  (New record, yay Eric!)  They watched the Hog game while I cleaned out closets.  (Sure is a tricky season we are in...needing both summer and winter things!)  We then took boys to birthday parties and Eric got to bowl with Eli.  Then, we met up at the theater for Dolphin Tale which is soooooo good!  (Our supper was popcorn!)  Later, we built an amazing fire and finished up that popcorn supper with smores.  mmmm.  The boys were smeared in marshmallow goo and loving every minute of it.  Eric and I ushered them inside for showers while we sat by the fire and talked.  (I confess I snapped just a pic or two of the fire.  OK, maybe 58.)

And since I can't say anything without turning it into something allegorically spiritual (sorry, it is just how this mind functions) I was looking at the marshmallow while roasting.  Once it had caught on fire, and even after I had blown it out, it would still catch fire more quickly than the others.  If God is a consuming fire, burning away everything that doesn't look like Christ, then maybe once we have been in the fire and burned so to speak, maybe we are more sensitive to God and His methods of refining.  Maybe we succumb more easily to His burning because we know the end result will be good. 

I just love to look at the flames!  You never what kind of shape you are going to get! 

This first pic shows a sliver of the new moon in the background.


Kim said...

Becke', that sounds like a wonderful day. Glad you got some good family time and even got one-on-one time with Eric around the fire as well. :)

Anonymous said...

After looking at the fire pictures and seeing how each is different, it would seem that each of our refinings are unique to us. God knows just what we need to have burned away, and how it looks. I love your pictures and analogies. Sounds like a very fun day.