Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Baking

Years ago, when Eric's Grandmother lived in the house we now live in, I would come over around Christmas and help her make candy and treats.  She had baked with her dear friend for years and her friend had since gone home so I gladly helped fill the void.  We made everything from fudge to trash (chex mix) and certainly made a mess!

Yesterday, the baking party grew exponentially.  Grandmother's son and his wife (Eric's Uncle Jeff and Aunt Brenda) have gotten to move back to Conway recently!  Also, one of Barbara's best friends, Sheila, has recently moved to town as well.  So, we had a little baking party. It is amazing what can get done with that many hands helping.  (Well, after everyone corrected my horrible math skills when I tried to quadruple a recipe.)  English major, people.  Work with me.  Hopefully, they'll keep inviting me back.

Grandmother had her a little stool out this year.  But, it didn't stop her from testing fudge for the right consistency or telling us to stir her fudge.  Who knew stirring fudge gives you a killer arm workout?

We came up with fudge, peanut butter fudge, oyster crackers, poppyseed bread, and puppy chow.  Brenda massaged that powdered sugar into the chocolate chex mix mixture with such patience...I've never seen such perfect puppy chow in all my life.

We thought it would be cute to get pics of us in aprons...I chose to wear the one Barbara made when she just had Lee and Eric.  It has their sweet little handprints on the front...I think all my kids have bigger hands than theirs were at the time.  I just love things that are carried down through the years. 

What kinds of goodies are you cooking up this year?  I still want to make some of those chow mein noodle treats...what are those called?  My Mom makes some awesome salty pretzels...what are those called, Mom?


Bugs and Sunshine said...


Snickerdoodles are on my list this week!

Good call on the oyster crackers-I always forget about those and they are SO GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun, fun day! Madison's favorites are fudge and haystacks (with the chow mein noodles). We are baking this week! Also making oyster crackers! Yum!
Kelley T.