Saturday, December 31, 2011

Remembering His Words {2011}

The Last Day of the Year.  You can usually find me stuck in the Bible on this day, begging for a Word that will go before me for the next year, but God has already whispered that word over me.

2011 was Joy.  It was a better year, with further healing and laughter.  But, it was also a year of new grief.  Silent ache.  The joy that I discovered was that in praising Him immediately, I avoided a detour of anger and despair.  The sorrow is real, but I trust easier, knowing that my definition of good doesn't always match up to the Master Gardener's definition.

It was a year where God's promise came true:  He promised to manifest Himself to me...the trade off was that He asked that I share what I learned with you...I hope His words of truth blessed you as well. 

As I reread some posts from 2011, I found that God was so good to allow me to know Him just a bit deeper.  And to fall in love with Him again.  Trust is such a day by day experience.  Faith is just a lifelong journey of learning to trust the Sovereign One.  Moment by moment.  Heartache by heartache.  Joy after joy.

I wouldn't expect you to sit and read all of these older posts...but I wanted to repost our God's faithfulness.  If any of the titles speak to your heart, maybe you can read and praise Him alongside of me as well.

How Joy is Found in the Progressing. {Satan knows that when we are stuck, we can't move forward into a new song.}

The Counterfeit {How Satan can't come up with his own ideas for glory, so he steals and tweaks the Glorious One's ideas.}

The Unlearning of Self Conceit {Will I ever be at a place of pure unadulterated humility?}

Dust to Dust {My rendition of my great-grandfather's last day of life...he left us a beautiful legacy.}

Her Tale of Two Cities  {How my view of sinful cities has changed thanks to a merciful God.}

When the Wilderness Ends  {We are in a fight.  Are we claiming our inheritance or letting the enemy keep it?}

The Gates  {The old Temple gates and their significance on new testament believers.}

Going Outside the Gates {My shock at how Jesus suffered outside the city gates and even more shocked at how he tells us to come where he is...outside the city...outside the comfort.}

The Day Mercy Triumphed Over Judgment  (A birthday post in honor of my late sister, a realization that all is mercy.  All is grace.}

Praying for Rain {Perhaps my favorite post.  My favorite new way to pray over myself and others.}

Courting Her Soul {Jesus is a Romantic.}

Allowing the Wheat to Fall  {My second new fave way to pray.}

You Are Safe Here {Why it is OK for you to be here.}

How Does One Feed? {A renewed realization of my calling and yet wondering what this calling is going to look like.}

Eyes To See! {Another favorite way to pray.  If we simply had eyes to see, then we would receive and everything would fall into place.}

The Double Portion of Sacrifice {After ache even though I was anticipating joy, the Holy Spirit laid this idea on my heart.}

Thank you sharing life with me in 2011.  Thank you for letting me share Jesus with you.  He is all we need in 2012.  He is simply all we need.

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