Sunday, December 11, 2011

Eyes to SEE!

It is everywhere and I am just now seeing.  {Perhaps seeing leads to receiving.}

We see it in God's instructions for building the tabernacle.  He insists that there be constant light inside.  It is to be fueled with the finest olive oil, the finest was from olives that had been bruised.  The finest oil simply dripped out after the bruising.  "And thou shalt command the children of Israel, that they bring thee pure oil olive beaten for the light to cause the lamp to burn always." Ex. 27:20

God wants light in His house so we could see.  The seeing would enable generations to hope for the one Good Olive, the one who would be beaten in that Garden of Gethsamene (garden of oil press), in order to bring true light.

We see it in Elisha's cry of desperation.  He has begged his protege', Elijah, for a double portion of his spirit.  He isn't as courageous or bold and he needs to know that God's mighty acts won't stop on account of his own frail self.  Elijah simply tells him that if he sees him when he is taken away, then it will be done for him.  Imagine the joy of Elisha when his eyes fell on a chariot and horsemen that whisked his mentor into the Kingdom.  He takes Elijah's mantle (possibly a prayer shawl) and receives what he asked for.  Miracle count for Elijah=7.  Miracle count for Elisha=14.  Double portion for sure.  Elisha saw.  Elisha received.

We see it when Jesus asks the disciples who they think He is.  Out of gumption or faith or wanting to beat everyone to the punch or simply being the only one who truly believed at this point, we see Peter wasting no time.  "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God."  Mt. 16:16  Jesus immediately speaks a word of eulogia/blessing over Peter and tells him that he will build the church on Peter.  Peter, the rock.  Peter saw that Jesus was the One True God.  Peter received.  But, Jesus makes it clear that even the seeing is a gift that has been revealed from the Father.

We see it when the disciples see Jesus ascend into heaven.  After the sight, they go forth and preach with great power.  One gospel says that after seeing that sight, they were in a constant state of praising and blessing God.  Jesus had told them that they would do even greater things than He, because he would send them a Helper. They were in for the ride of their lives.  They saw.  They received the grace to preach and to praise.

So I wonder what it is I am in so desperate need of.  Direction?  Blessing?  A double portion?  Grace to praise when all things shout otherwise?  Jesus Himself?  Ability to preach or simply speak with power?  Perhaps all things will come into focus if I will simply pray one prayer:  "Give me eyes to SEE!"

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