Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Accuser

I see myself start to look like the one I so desperately try not to look like.  It almost always come in the form of accusing.  I shouldn't be shocked at that.  The verb form of the Hebrew word satan is to accuse.  When I accuse, I am anything but Godly.

Such a slippery slope it is unless caught early.  Something silly or major refuses to go my way and I am off to blame the first thing that comes into my, husband, dog, one is immune to the accusations of the mind.

And, then I realize how tricky this Master Adversary can be.  He can even tempt us to start accusing ourselves.  This leads to condemnation, despair, and all things ugly that war against the soul tenderly created in the image of the Holy.

Here are a few things about the enemy...

*He seeks to do his own will
*Aims to bind and blind men
*Takes himself seriously, can't bear taunting
*Wants us to live in darkness and hide
*Wants us to doubt and disbelieve God's word
*Works to make us ignore, disbelieve, or choose for ourselves what to believe in Scripture
*Pushes us to disobey God
*Urges us to use God for selfish purposes
*Tells us, "My body belongs to me"
*Wants sickness and disease
*Spares no effort to bring us sorrow and grief
*Desires our death
*Condemns and accuses us
*Pushes us toward self-contempt
*Fosters discontentment and grumbling
*Urges us to concentrate on the sins of others
*Wants us to hang on to resentment and bitterness
*Wants us, when we fail, to wallow in discouragement or despair
*Aims for always to wear a mask and act a part; be all things to all people
*Seeks steady procrastination
*Strives to have us preoccupied with what-ifs
*Urges us toward a lofty super-spirituality
*Labors for war...even in the home

{List from "Something More" by Catherine Marshall}

While we decorate our homes with new throw pillows and fresh paint, we must remember that we live on earth which is enemy territory.  There is a prince of the air and a whole spiritual realm that we should be aware of.  Our fight is always against the unseen world, but Satan would love for us to be blind to the true war and start fighting one another instead.  This often starts with one thing:  Accusations.

There have been some fiction books that have totally opened my eyes to this concept.  They are amazing and have totally changed how I pray.

This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti (eye opening!)
Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti (the sequel)
The Veritas Conflict by Shaunti Feldhaun (great story!)
The Influence by Matthew John Slick (bad writing, good theology)

I just want to tell you this...if you are dealing with discouragement right any area of your is from Satan.  He is accusing you and telling you that nothing will ever change.  I want to tell you that God declares all things new.  All things are possible with Him.  He can take those ashes and create something beautiful.

In the mean time, kick the Accuser to the curb.

Love you, sweet thing.

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Anonymous said...

Ummm, did you write this for me today? ;) Just got through talking to Barbara. She helped me ALOT, then read your post. Feeling better now! Love, Kelley T.