Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Day I Always Want to Rush...

The Saturday.  The In-Between.  The day that all crushed hopes came bearing down on the believers when they awoke that morning.  Or, perhaps, they never slept the night before.  Grief does that...strips the ability of the body to function in any normal manner. 

Whatever the day before held for those that dared believe, this was a new day.  A new day of shock and throwing up and despair.  There minds weren't capable of making any decisions so they just sat huddled in numb silence.  Had they been absolutely duped?  Was Jesus who He said He was?

An inner tugging says they know, they just know He was for real.  They recall miracle after miracle.  They remember taking the bread and the wine.  They see the unearthly compassion in His eyes.  Their spirits bear witness within, "Yes, He was real.  He was Messiah."

So, what were they do to with it?  Their long-awaited King of Kings was wrapped in linen awaiting decay.  What happened to the promise of Him coming to make all things right and to rescue them from governmental and foreign abuse?  Had they read more into the situation than was necessary?  Did they not comprehend what they thought were promises?

So, they return to the Holy Scriptures.  They pour over Truth and find Jesus all over the pages.  They know the promises are real and they know that Jesus is as dead as can be.  How can both be real?  Are they losing their marbles?

So, they stay huddled in numb silence because their finite brains simply cannot make sense of this predicament.  They staked their lives on this truth, Jesus is Messiah, and now they don't know what to do with it.  The Truth is dead.

They don't know that Resurrection Sunday is only hours away. 

I think we as current believers go through periods like this Holy Silent Saturday.  We are in-between the promise and the realization.  All circumstances point the contrary and Satan whispers that Jesus didn't really speak truth or that we heard incorrectly.  We are filled with doubt, insecurity, and hopelessness.

We sit huddled in numb silence because our finite brains simply cannot make sense of our predicament that was coupled with a promise.  We have staked our lives on Jesus being Messiah, but now He seems dead.

When stuck in confusion between the promise and the actualization, we must choose to believe what He said.  We must flex our spiritual biceps and choose faith no matter how ridiculous faith in that moment seems.  Waiting isn't always a bad thing.  One thing I know, Resurrection is on the way.


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