Monday, April 16, 2012


I am trying this new fancy thang cause Blogger is telling me that my blog is no longer supported by Blogger.  Everything looks different.  I hate different.  Change has never been my friend.  I would still be stuck in the 80's with Reagan as President and poms on my socks if I had my way.  Was that decade simpler because times were simpler or because I was a whopping 3 to 13 years old and didn't have a care in the world except whether to choose peach or strawberry oatmeal?  I guess I will never know.

Speaking of a desire for the simple, we are entering into anything but.  Three boys are playing a total of four sports and just in case you forgot, there are only two parents...and one of those sometimes travels.  I wish it were me on the beach, but, ahem, well, I can wish.

Just this Thursday night, we have a baseball practice, soccer practice, baseball game, and another baseball game...and all have start times within 2 hours of one another.  HUH?  How does this work exactly, this new sports Mama-role that I am trying so desperately to figure out?

Sometimes, I would go back to rocking my babies and getting up with them in the middle of the night in a heartbeat.  No one ever told me those were the simple days.  At least I could stay home, ha!  (I am a tad introverted and a home-lover for sure!)

Hope from August Rush is singing in the background.  Her voice is pure and makes me cry every single time.  The movie makes me cry, bringing back memories that I thought had been stuffed down.  I guess hope is like that.  Sometimes you have to enter into the remembrance to recall what you are passionately waiting for.

I planted new flowers and herbs today.  Sweet basil, thyme, marigolds, and petunias now accompany my precious yellow gerbera daisies.  The entrance makes me happy, total-non-green-thumb that I am.  While buying my coloful peat pots, the gardener told me everything had been watered perfectly the night before, thanks to Jesus.  She said He could do it better than she ever dreamed, this watering...this business of rain.  I smiled, thankful for a reminder of gardening and rain and thankful that she tosses Jesus's name around without shame or fear.

Baby boys' third tooth popped out this morning.  Well, actually, he pulled it, because he has a fear of anyone else touching his teeth.  That is, unless he is propped on the pediatric dentist's chair, then he is all grins.  Could have something to do with the tv mounted on the ceiling and the earphones that drown out all the fancy tooth-cleaning gadgets.  The dentist told us last week that he will be in braces.  Soon.  As in, he will be in braces more than once.  As in, all three of our kids will probably be in braces soon.  At the same time.

Beans and cornbread, here we come.

Sam also told me in the car that I was to don a costume tonight while being the tooth fairy.  He said he really needed to see me in costume. Goodbye childhood.  Goodbye to you all.  Sniff.

And with that random post, I bid you goodnight.


Bugs and Sunshine said...

such a sweet post.

sam's club sells BIG BAGS of dried pinto beans for cheap.

can't wait to read your book on 1001 ways to fall in love all over again with the dried bean.

it's going to be a ny times top sellar, i just know it.

Erica said...

I can't wait to read the sequel: 1001 ways to survive 4 men and and pinto beans