Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vote on hair!

I am in a hair rut.
  I have had the same style for 4+ years.
What do you think of this?
Too short for my face shape?
I have an appt. for next Friday
so tell me what you think!!!

{This photo is of the cutie-pie Rachel McAdams
 which I stole off of Pinterest which they stole off of Google.}


Bugs and Sunshine said...

you would rock that!!!

Kim said...

She almost looks like you. I think you'd look beautiful with that cut!

Anonymous said...

It's really cute! I think you would look great with that haircut although I must say I love your hair now too! If you are wanting a change, I like it. Kelley T.

Kelli said...

Your hair would look awesome like that! Its perfect for you! I'm headed into the salon today for a little more short, a little more blonde and a little more pink. Woop!

Anonymous said...

call your MAMA!!!!