Friday, May 4, 2012

Compassion Thru Her Eyes


I love to follow the Compassion International trips via bloggers around the states.  Their stories and pictures have carried me to places that I might not get to see otherwise.  Through their writing, I have been able to see how things truly are separate from this nation we call home.  I think God is using blogs for His glory when He gets the word out concerning the orphans and the impoverished.  You know, the orphans and impoverished that are created every bit in His image as we are...

I wonder if we sometimes forget the fact that there are those in the world that don't just need clothing and water, but dignity as well.  What is it like to be in need, wondering if anyone will ever come to your rescue?  Satan must prey on that, telling people that they aren't worthy of love.  I can't imagine what a soul goes through when basic necessities are either stripped away or simply not available.

Christ calls us to be his hands and feet.  Will we obey?

This year, the Compassion Trip hits close to home and I am so excited to tell you why!  My sister in law, Kelli Stuart...yes, we both snatched ourselves a couple of hot Stuart boys...has been invited to go as a Compassion blogger to this year's trip to Tanzania.

I do hope you will follow her writing.  I do hope you dare to read the story that God is writing on the pages of her heart.

Give her 20 solid hours to get there first, though!

Here is her blog!

PS--See, I told ya we snagged some hot men...we about have them trained right, too!  wink wink
(This was taken on our trip to the Dominican Republic with our friends Mark and Lisa.)

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Kelli said...

I wish I could still pull off that bikini. That was two kids and several jars of Nutella ago. :-D

Thanks for the prayers. Keep them coming. We've been stuck on a plane in Detroit for over two hours and have at this point missed our connecting flight. Pray that Satan does not further hinder thus trip! Love you.