Wednesday, June 27, 2012

14 years!!!

Stand by your man.  I guess that is what 14 years of marriage have taught me.  Through a ton of grief and a ton of laughter, life just wouldn't have been as good without Eric by my side.  I can't tell you how lavish God was when he gifted me with this life-long friend to travel the unknowns with. 

Eric has been a constant source of leadership, comfort, and wisdom.  Through the death of precious family members, death of finances, and death of dreams, he has remained constant.  He offers our household grace.  His presence lifts our spirits.  In a sense, he has modeled Jesus for me and the boys and we couldn't have asked for anything more.

He has always worked hard for our family and yet he acknowlegdes God as the true source of Provision.  He tells the Lord that we'll be happy to take whatever He wants to give us...the good and the bad...because it all points to God's glory in the end.

If I had one piece of marital advice after these years, I would say this:  God deals with each of us in His own ways to strip us of our selfishness and pride.  While God is making you more like His Son, He is doing the same thing with your soul mate.  Don't lose hope in this battle because God often takes His sweet time in this process.  Pray for grace to see your mate as God sees him/her and pray for joy in the small things.  Remain true to your vows and I assure you that God will hear the prayers of your heart.

Here's to the rest of our lives...

{pics by the awesome Todd Owens.  If you have not had a photo session with you and your spouse since your wedding, then I highly recommend it!  They will be pics you will treasure forever!}

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Anonymous said...

To the perfect God designed mate for me - I love you babe!!!!!

I cannot wait for the next 20, 30, or 40. My prayer is that we see the Lord come in the skies together!