Sunday, June 24, 2012

Living Room Uplift

Hey Sweet Thing!  How is this 102 degree day treating you?  Kelli, we'd sure love to borrow a bucket of your rain over there!  It is hot and dry and hot and dry.  Tomorrow might be a tad better, you know, just 104.  hee.

{Praise you sweet Jesus for A/C.  Thank you and amen.}

Well, my amazingly talented sister, Amelia, is into painting furniture and making all kinds of things crafty.  She has opened three flea market booths up in Prairie Grove.  If you are ever in that area, you will have to check out her stuff.  I am talking uh-mazing stuff, not junk.  I'll have to sneak in a pic or two of her transformations on here sometime!

That said, we went around town and found some things for her booth while I found a few things to give my living room a lift.  Can I just say I am in love love love with turquoise?  I added a few more pops of it in my living room for some color and fun. 

I found the ottoman at Targe' for $17.  I found the pillows on clearance at TJ Maxx and Pier One.  And then the quilt.  Oh my!  I love a good quilt and am always on the lookout for a deal since they are so pricey.  Well, we were in Alma over the weekend for Cade's state baseball tournament (they made it to the championship game!) We had time to run into a flea market and I fell in love with this turquoise quilt.  Guess what?  It was only $23!!!!!  Thank you Lord, for such a gift I will treasure forever!

Well, I forgot to tell you about my door.  Amelia and I found an amazing flea market place in Greenbrier and we loaded up the van as best we could, then tipped the owner to follow us in his truck to unload the rest!  My goodie was this old vintage door that has been refurbished with antiqued metal molding (painted turquoise thank you very much) and some chicken wire.

Right now, I have it propped in a corner, but one day, if we ever move and have a large wall in the master bedroom, I think it would be awesome put up horizontally as a headboard.  There are two open slots on either side, and I think huge canvas prints would be sweet stuck in each of those.  ooh, getting excited!!!

The sweet blue-framed print of the old hymn "In the Garden" was a precious birthday gift from a friend.  She said God told her to find the hymn and frame it for me.  She knew it was my year of fruit and that I have come to see God as Master Gardener, but she had no idea I used to sing this hymn in church surrounded by generations of family believers.  It holds a sweet spot in my heart for sure!

Well, here is the reveal!


Kelli said...

LOVE it! It looks so good! :) I'd gladly send you al ittle of this rain, but please keep your heat to yourself. Florida rarely gets that kind of heat and I'd like to keep it that way thankyouverymuch. ;)

blessedpath said...

I lOve it too. Did you cover your chair in the last pic? That would go perfectly in my new office. You gave me an idea to do something like that instead of a regular desk chair!! ;) yes you can sure have some of this rain!!! Did u know we moved to Tampa too??

Anonymous said...

hey carol! I think it is crazy how you and kelli moved to tampa at the same time! I bought that chair already covered at a consignment it! I think it would be a sweet addition for a desk! please send us your rain...ha.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your living room! I need you and Anna W. to come and do your magic on my living room. :)
Amy Bull Manning