Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Birthday Prayer

I am humbled to be your daughter today, King.  You knit me together 35 years and 9 months ago in my Mother's womb after years of longing and prayers.  Despite eyes swollen shut and fat cheeks, I think my Mom and Dad loved me that birth-day completely and without reservation.

You set me in their care and forever I am indebted.  You gave me parents that would not just point me to Jesus but be Jesus for me in so many ways.  They were salt and light and grace and mercy and tenderness and discipline.  They were just what this little girl needed.  They are still what I need.

I think of how You were always with me, saving me from the Evil One.  You kept me from being trampled that day by Flo-Jo, the cow marked with vengeance.  You kept me from dying or being injured in more than one car wreck.  You kept me from staying in a place of despair after you allowed my sister to go Home.  You have constantly saved.  You have simply kept me in your hands.

Along the way, You have been good to give me girlfriends.  I think of first grade and Carie Beth and Whitney.  I think of seventh grade and Sara and Stacy.  I think of eleventh grade and Heather, Charity, Jene', and Candi.  I think of my freshman year when You brought life-long Godly friends in Britt, Anna, and Rebecca.  I think of now when You have blessed me with too many to count, but Amelia easily comes to mind.

Your grace didn't end there.  You gave me a gracious and wise husband.  Three precious and irreplaceable boys.  A kind family to enter into.  A comfortable home and meals on the table.  Fun things to do like singing, photography, and writing.  You have been lavish.

I look in the mirror while gray, wiry hairs stand on edge.  Cellulite says a hearty hello and frown wrinkles beg to be noticed.  I don't look 21 anymore, even though my mind says I am.  I am OK with this change, though.  As long as each new year brings fresh revelation of Jesus, then I will gladly trade that for all the gray in the world.  We'll just color those babies, how bout' that?

I just want You to know that I am thankful You thought of me.  You dreamed me up, sketched me out, knit me by combining soul and sinew, and marked me with your grace and redemption.  When I am tempted to fall into the pit of depression and worthlessness, let me never forget that it is Your image that I am fashioned after.

If I could pray for a few God-gifts while 35, would You pour out revelation of Yourself and manifest Yourself to me?  Would you allow me to be Christ to others, even if I don't know that I am making a difference?  Would you bring about answers to prayers that You dared I pray?

Consecrated Clay,


Bugs and Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday Toots!

Michelle said...

So glad He thought of you too! The thing about that Potter is that He never fails to bring about beauty in that clay..He just cant help Himself:) Thanks for letting us celebrate with you. Love you