Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cast Down Imaginations

I couldn't sleep last night. I don't know about you, but in my household, that qualifies for all out tragedy.  This girl needs about 10 hours and I am quickly finding that my five last night aren't going to cut it.

God showed me a couple of things around 1 am.  First, I'm gonna have to either cut out the strong Starbuck's or push it back way before 3 pm.  Or order decaf.  The horror, I know.

Second, He doesn't want us living in unreality.

He wants us to cast down the imaginations as soon as they creep up.

"Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ."  2 Cor. 10:5

imaginations=logismos=reasoning, thoughts

The Weymouth New Testament puts it this way:  "We are to overthrow arrogant reckonings."

I want to speak to women, cause I am one.  That's how I roll.

1.  We live in the world of imaginations when we compare ourselves to other women.  We see one thing another did "wrong" and we assume they don't have it together or that we do have it all together since you know, we did it the "right" way.

2.  We live in the world of imaginations when we allow the culture around us to define our beauty.  God spoke and we were created, we should leave our beauty to Him, not to size 2 women on magazines or the latest $200 face cream.

3.  We live in the world of imaginations when we harbor bitterness instead of choosing to forgive.  Anger results and we quickly don't know reality from fiction.

4.  We live in the world of imaginations when we walk by sight instead of faith.  This world is not our home.  Things may seem a little backwards down here in alien land, but it will all make sense one day in Glory.

5.  We live in the world of imaginations when we allow fear to rule our lives.  One tragic thought can quickly lead to another.  If we aren't careful, our minds will have buried our whole family.  God calls us to abundant life and peace, not living in constant fear of the what-ifs.

Pray this!  Lord, show me areas of my life where I am not living in reality.  Show me these areas where I invite false imaginations instead of what is true and holy.  Give me grace to cast them down and live in what is real.


Michelle said...

Love this post as it speaks to my heart. I was reading Romans 1:25 and Is 44:20 the same day which talks about trading the truth of god for lies and a deluded heart. Our very nature deceives us apart from the truth and grace of God. Oh give us eyes to see the truth and create in us new hearts.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

So, it's not the being out of high school for 17 years that makes us old, it's the fact that we have to cut our coffee intake to mid-afternoon. Nice!