Saturday, September 1, 2012

Calling All Decorating Divas

Remember that weepy estate sale I was telling you about?

Well, this beauty was my major find.  You all know I am diggin' turquoise right now, so when I laid eyes on this vintage metal tub, I about peed my pants.

$10.  Yes, I think I'll take twenty.

OK, OK.  One will suffice.

It is a beast.  Too tall to put on my TV entertainment center...but it fits perfectly on the floor and covers up the sun room wall breaker unit just perfectly. 

My question is this:

What should go inside?  I tried some greenery, but that was plain stupid.

So, the sky is the limit...

What say you?  What should go inside the amazing vintage turquoise Bakerite container? {Just keep in mind he is a big guy!}


bigsis said...

I see a hodge-podge collection of old, vintage things that are tall enough to stick out of the container... old canes or walking sticks, umbrellas, even an old tin/metal sign sticking out sideways. You get the idea.

Mark and Cari said...

Old vintage umbrellas (like 3 or 4)

Bugs and Sunshine said...

love the umbrella idea.

vintage quilts would be cute too!