Friday, September 14, 2012

The Possum

1.  Apparently, the possum didn't get carried off by an angel in the night.

2.  Apparently, the possum crawled just a few feet to die under a thick bush.

3.  I know this by the smell that makes me want to hurl every time I enter the sunroom or open the back door.

4.  I am not touching it.  Period.

5.  My son Sam is indeed a prophet.  After all, he told me the other day that possums stink.

6.  It is true.

7.  I'm ready for my man to come home from traveling all week.  It has been the longest week ever.

8.  Have a great weekend.

9.  Pray we don't die from the fumes.


***update*** We (as in Cade alone) went out with a shovel and gloves to get rid of the critter, but we (as in Cade alone) can't find him anywhere!!!  We (you get the idea) think the the stinky possum is under the concrete step (tiny hole where it could have crawled underneath.)


The end.

1 comment:

Kelli said...

For your brother in law. He deals with dead animals regularly. He will rescue you.

Then go buy a Cinnamon Broom or five and put them up in your sunroom. The smell is aMAZing! You can even light a cinnamon candle. Your house will no longer smell like death.

It will smell like Big Red chewing gum...

Love ya!