Thursday, September 13, 2012

In the Beginning

Man, I've been enjoying our bible study!  We are doing something called Chronological Bible Teaching.  It is question driven, causing us to dig deep and think instead of just skimming over a passage and assuming we understand all the ramifications.

Yesterday, we talked about Genesis 1 & 2.  What delight God showed while creating all the things He deemed good.  He instantly set up systems of authority.  He is a God of order.  He wanted the lesser light to rule over the night, the greater light to rule over the day, man to rule over animals, and God Himself to rule over man.  He had the seed and plants in place before He ever created animals or man.

Have you ever wondered why He took His time in creation?  I mean, all He has to do is speak and it is.  He could have simply said "Let it be" and all the beautiful ideas coursing through His mind would have come to instant fruition.  Instead, He orderly did one thing at a time.  I think He enjoyed the process!

His slowness in this creation process allows us to see things about God that we may have missed had He simply done it all at once.  We wouldn't see that He had already provided (food) before there was a need (hungry mankind and animals.)  What journey are you on right now that seems slow, but is allowing you to see part of God's loving kindness and rich character towards you?

One of my favorite things to ponder was that the reason behind why God was creating the earth filled with such good things.  It wasn't so that He could create and then walk away.  His purpose for this beauty filled earth is that it would become His dwelling place.  The ESV study notes say it beautifully!

"As reflected in various ancient Near Eastern accounts, divine rest is associated with temple building.  God's purpose for the earth is that it should become his dwelling place; it is not simply made to house his creatures. The concept of the earth as a divine sanctuary runs throughout the whole Bible..."

He was creating a place where His glory would be evident.  A place where He could dwell among mankind and be worshiped by everything.  He was creating His temple.  His sanctuary.

Right after creation is finished, and He has rested, He brings us a new way to know Him.  He is not just Elohiym.  He is not just creator.  He calls himself LORD is Genesis 2:4.  Anytime we see LORD in all caps in the Bible, it is the Hebrew word Yahweh. 

It is God's most personal name. 

He wants us to know that He has come to dwell among us and be relational with us.

He doesn't create and then abandon, leaving us to go on to something else.

He creates.  And then the really fun part happens.  He personally invites us into His big plan.  He shares some responsibility with us because He wants to walk alongside of us.  He wants us to recognize  His glory in all things.

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