Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sweet Baby

We got to see our sweet baby yesterday!
It's little heart was just fluttering away.  It absolutely amazes me that something the size of a kidney bean or grape has the same (but growing) heart that will carry it through all of its days. God is just too big!

Looks like we may be getting a Cinco de Mayo baby! Official due date is May 5. {This should make Bugs very happy cause I think this is one of her favorite holidays.} 

I feel pretty sick, but not hugging the toilet...so grateful for that.  I shot a wedding Saturday and only about hurled on the bride's dress just once.  :)

If you need some entertainment, the vitamin show at the eight o' clock hour is sure to make you laugh for days on end.  {They usually end up spewed on the counter with whatever else I am trying to wash them down with.}

Cute story about Eli:  He got in front of his class during prayer request time.  He told them the request was for me...since I was having a baby.  Then, he quickly switched gears and said that he might be the one needing prayer if it turned out to be a girl.  love that kid.


Leslie said...

May 5th was Mia's due date. She was actually born on the 4th though.
I always take my vitamin's right before bed with a small glass of milk. This helps me not feel terrible. Also, I keep peppermint in my mouth most of the time. This also helps me not hurl on everything and everyone.=) I'm SO SO excited for you!!!

Anonymous said...

So exciting!! Such a sweet picture. :-) Kelley T.

Anonymous said...

So excited for you guys. Always loved hearing/seeing that heartbeat. - Kim