Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Weekly Funnies

1.  Sam and Eli will sometimes crawl in bed with me when we have a few more minutes to sleep in.  Often, we will tell stories as we are trying to wake up.  Sam's story started like this:  "The wild ass loves his momma."  I told him he better use the word donkey from here on out.

2.  Last night, I let Savannah (a RETRIEVER) out one last time for a potty break.  She took her time wanting back in.  I heard a bang at the door, went to check it out, and she had brought me a present.  A half dead possum, that is.  Right at my back door.  It was moving its mouth slowly open and shut as little cries left its mouth.  It was awful and pitiful.   An angel of God removed it from my back door while I slept.  That is all.

And a happy Wednesday to you. I pray your little wild asses love you fiercely and that God keeps the possums away.


Anonymous said...

Love it!! Kelley T.

Erica said...

!!! :) That boy is precious.