Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Heart for Adoption

Adoption is nothing new to my ears.  My older brother was adopted.  So, before there was me or my three younger siblings, my parents had the heart to bring Devin into their family.

My parents rescued him around the age of one.  Even though Devin was from Arkansas, his living conditions were third world at best.  They provided him food and shelter, discipline and grace, gospel and roots.  They gave him their name.

While watching my parents nurture and raise him, I quickly realized that adoption is never the easy road.  It took a lot of understanding.  A huge dose of grace.  Patience that had to come from God Himself, and love that must have shattered their hearts a thousand times.

Adoption has to be a calling.

Eric's brother, Lee, and his wife, Kelli, feel like God is calling them to adopt a little girl from Russia.

I know they would love for you to be a part of their story as they are in the long journey of bringing her home.

Will you follow their dreams here?

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Kelli said...

Thanks for sharing, Becke! Love you!