Tuesday, October 23, 2012

12 weeks

Long time no blog!  I think I am turning the corner on feeling so icky, so praise the Lord!  We got to go see baby on the big screen (ultrasound) yesterday.  My heart was just so giddy as we were waiting.  I am so thankful for a bit of technology that has given me a tiny peek into our babies when they are inside developing.  It makes me that much more thankful for God knitting them together!

Here is our little bit!

Can you make out the torso, head, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.?  See its little hand and fingers up by its face?  So precious!  In another pic, you can see both of its hands up by its face, cradling it.  ahhh!
We showed the boys the pic and Eli saw it all immediately.  I am surprised he hasn't named this child, because he has an imaginative knack for that kind of thing.  He carries cotton balls around in his pocket that he names for crying out loud.  And just this morning, he showed be a whole new "language" he created where each letter of the alphabet has a symbol he made up.  He is just creative, I am telling you!
Instead, Sam has been the one to name this baby, lol.  He only calls it a girl and only calls "her" Millie.  He has been so sweet to me and to my belly.  He praises me for getting bigger...as if I have anything to do with it.  He insists he is having a sister.  Amelia (my sister) asked him what he would do if he had a baby brother.  He quickly replied that he would punch him in the face and stick him back into my belly.
Our doctor got a look at the "area" yesterday...and before I even knew what he was doing, he gave a guess.  But, then he totally regressed and said it was way too early to tell.  If the baby cooperates, then we can find out the next time, which is Nov. 19th.  The boys will be out of school for Thanksgiving break, so it will be fun to let them come with us and join the fun!
{God, I am telling you that you have the heart of a seven year old boy to contend with who has prayed for a baby sister for years.  That's all I am saying...}
I was struck today while reading Psalm 139. 
"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
The ESV notes say that the Hebrew for wonderfully made is "niple'ti" which means to be fearfully set apart.  It is the same thing as God setting apart his people and making a distinction between those that are his and those that are not. It says, "the faithful person singing this, who in the OT would be the child of faithful parents, can affirm that God set his special love upon him from the earliest stages of his personal life."
Goodness, I only have a glimpse of this baby.  I don't know its gender, its name, or what it will look like.  God, on the other hand, has set this child apart, sees its substance, has all of its days written in a book, and has already fashioned what it will be.  (Fashioned:  yatsar, to squeeze into shape, mold as a potter, or determine.)
He is the potter.  I am simply housing the clay.
Parenthood might be more simple if we saw this amazing sovereignty in the everyday lives of our children.
I see it if I look closely.  Cade, Eli, and Sam couldn't be more differently wired than if they had each come from different parents.  They have different giftings, different looks, different likes, and different bents.  When I peer closely, I can see how God has fashioned (molded, determined) them each to be something unique and all for His glory.
It will be fun to see what He dreamed up regarding this child.
We welcome your plan, Lord.

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