Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A New Day

Sometimes you just need the dawn of a new day to hit.  And fast. 

That is what I was feeling yesterday.  It was my worst day of feeling sick and awful.  Every few minutes, I was gagging and making the dreaded vomiting sound.  The boys would look at me with tenderness and ask if I was OK.

I told them I felt pretty bad, but I was going to be alright.  Eli wanted to know if I did this while carrying all of them.  I think it was going to break his heart to think he might have done this to me!   I told them I felt bad with them, but nothing like how I am feeling now.  I think that made them feel a little better.

Being pregnant while having older kids has been both better and worse.  You don't have to do quite as much for them, so the fact they can bathe themselves, etc. has been nice.  The flip side is that they are involved in more activities, so I have to be out late (as in 7:30/8...and yes, that is LATE, ha!)  at night, so I am worn out and miserable every evening.  I don't seem to have time to take naps, so at about the six o clock hour, I am ready to either go postal or just sit down in a heap of tears and saltines.

When Eric travels, it is all just magnified.

All that said, I am so excited that God is giving us another baby!  The babyhood and small child phase goes so quickly and I feel blessed to get to experience it all again.  We prayed to have this child and we know it is a gift right from His hand.  But, that doesn't keep me from praying that the "12" week brings a little healing magic with it!

Today has been much better.  My mother in law made an emergency trip to the store for saltines for me.  Bless her soul.

The cup of coffee I allowed myself brought a new lease on life!

The windows are open and candles lit.  My sweet group of bible study gals came and blessed me with what God showed them about Sarai listening to her authority, Abram.  Life has just been better today.  And, I have the joy of knowing my sister is coming to see me this weekend!

Thank you, Lord, for your mercies that are new every morning.

Here is a pic from the internet that shows how big our baby is!

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Kelli said...

Poor you. I hope it gets better soon!