Tuesday, October 30, 2012

State of the Union: A Call to Intercession

Political girl, I am not.  I am more comfortable talking about spiritual things.  But, sometimes, they have to mix.

Things are heavy on my heart, this week before the election.  People are out voting.  Our city is boasting a turnout of 10,000 or more already.  This is exciting!  We live in a free nation and we shouldn't assume that if we don't vote, people will hear our voices.

Did you know that the first mention of the word "prophet" in the bible is in reference to Abraham?  The context is that Abraham will pray for Abimelech, that God will turn around the curse of the empty wombs.  So, the very first mention of a prophet is someone that will turn away from their selfishness and apathy and intercede or pray on behalf of others.  Abraham wasn't even acting very wisely in this story, and yet God called him to pray.

I believe that as God's children, we can all act out our role as prophets through intercession.

Our nation needs it like never before, but most of us have our heads stuck in the ground like fearful ostriches that have forgotten they are the largest of their kind.

You are a child of God.  Your prayers mean something.  Don't let Satan tempt you towards apathy.  Don't believe that you aren't a powerful new creation with the holy living Spirit of the One True God inside of you.  Don't succumb to the lie that says you are powerless in this culture we find ourselves.

Our nation is in need of an awakening of sorts.  We need Jesus and we need him desperately.  Did you know that John Wesley preached before he realized he needed a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ?  He realized that faith in Christ is all that matters and God used him in a very powerful way.  The English church refused to let him preach once he came to this truth, so he started what was called open air sermons.  Lives were changed, thanks to the true gospel.

The idea of an "Awakening" implies a slumber or passivity during secular or less religious times.  {Wikipedia} We have grown accustomed to sin being painted all over the TV screens.  Last night, we had to tell Cade he wasn't allowed to watch one of his favorite shows anymore.  What started out as an OK show has now pushed the boundaries, testing how many viewers will keep watching no matter what they throw our way.  We are in a deep slumber, remaining passive in areas that used to perhaps make our skin crawl.

If God's own people won't stand for righteousness, then we are a country without hope.

I got to view the movie, 2016: Obama's America, last weekend.  Not the political type, I wasn't sure I wanted to waste my Friday night on a documentary.  But, it turned out to be the best thing as it showed me who Obama was as a child.  It brought him back to humanity for me, showing me that without a father, there are wounds that will display itself in various ways.  Perhaps for Obama, he always wanted the approval and love of an absent father which is why he adopted his methods of anti-colonialism (bring in wealth to the colonies that used to be run by other countries) and the removal of superpowers.  In light of this, it would make sense why he has the vision to decrease our military, allow our debt to get out of control, reduce our nukes by half, and not allow certain jobs like drilling in our nation. I don't say any of this to bash our President.  I believe his position of authority is God-ordained. 

God says that if we don't have wisdom, we can pray and He will be happy to give it!  I think this can apply to how to vote, as well.

In the meantime, let's get on our knees, knowing that God hears our prayers.

Because of God inside, you are more powerful than you know.  Don't just let your voting voice be heard.  Let your prayers be heard as well...the one who holds all things together...His ears are wide open.

"The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry." Psalm 34:15

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Bugs and Sunshine said...

in the first part when you say the first mention of the word prophet is about abraham my mind automatically thought of abraham lincoln...and i was so confused for a sec...now i'm just laughing about it! ha!