Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012: The Year of Fruit

For a few years now, I have asked the Lord for a word or verse to carry me through the upcoming is a way that I know He will reveal Himself no matter what is thrown my way.

During Thanksgiving of 2011, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper "Fruit" and I knew that was to be my word for the upcoming 2012.  We quickly found out we were pregnant.  I figured the theme of fruit would fit well into having a new baby that year.  When we lost the baby, I wondered why on earth fruit had been whispered at all.

God has been good this year to show me how 2012 has been the year of fruit.  As he slowly healed me from the miscarriage, he allowed me to stumble upon a sermon by Spurgeon called "Supposing Him to be the Gardener."  In the sermon, God showed me that He alone is the one who plants things.  He determines what they are to be and where they are to be planted.  He even has the right to uproot things, in order to create a more beautiful landscape. 

To break it down quickly here is how fruit was produced this year: God healed me, allowed me to know Him as Master Gardener, called Sam to salvation, called me to lead a bible study, brought new couples to our community group, brought an unexpected tax return, gave me a blessed amount of photography clients, allowed me to see Him in fresh ways, and planted Asher Tate right into my womb.  Eric saw fruit in his own life that included freedom and clarity in many situations.

At the beginning of the year, I researched every verse I could find that covered the concept of fruit.  God was clear then...if there was to be any fruit in our lives it would come straight from Him.  Our only role would be to abide.  He would do the rest because He wanted the glory.

I laugh at 2012 because for the first few months, due to grief, I felt like I was a seed dead in the ground, awaiting some kind of light and life.  I am not sure I had anything to offer.  Instead, I kept seeking God's face and waiting.  Abiding was all I could do.

The last few months of the year were consumed with pregnancy nausea and exhaustion.  If I wasn't hugging the toilet or sucking on lemon drops, then I was asleep, just begging God for this phase to pass.  I am pretty sure I had nothing to offer during these months.  But, I kept abiding and waiting.

I think God wanted to show me personally that producing fruit truly is His work.  He is the Gardener, not us.  He simply needs us to be willing.

How has God revealed Himself during 2012 for you?  I've been praying for a new word over 2013 and I think He is answering!  It always does my heart good to remember how He has been faithful and ever present in our lives.


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