Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry CHRISTmas!
May you know Him more deeply and love Him more truly.
He is our only a baby in a manger and as coming King.
Eric, Becke', Cade, Eli, Sam, and Asher

Every year, I ask Jesus to reveal Himself fresh during the Christmas season.  It isn't that a virgin birth, wise men, and a stable birth get old every year, but sometimes I want to see something new.  This year, the theme was that of waiting.

It is easy to forget (or not fully comprehend) how those before Christ were longing for a Savior.  Since we are on the other side of the Sacrifice and Resurrection, we sometimes refuse to think about what it must have been like for those who were daily begging and praying for the Messiah to step down into their ache and time.

It was the first Advent (coming), that Jesus was born in that small and dirty manger.  He came as one of us, to be among us, to rescue us.  He came humbly and as a suffering servant, ready to take on your sin and mine.

We have a taste of that longing that those before Christ had.  We need it fulfilled in our Savior coming as visible King.  We have these aches and sufferings and we look at the world and know in our hearts that all will be set right once He simply comes during the second Advent (coming.)  Our hearts believe and know He will one day do this, but we live amidst a spiritual battlefield that leaves us bloody and worn. 

We are waiting for a merciful and visible King that somehow embodies complete grace and complete justice all at the same time. Our hearts are practically begging.

Those before the cross were waiting.  Those of us after the cross are still waiting.

I don't know what promises have been made by our involved and relational Redeemer, but hold fast.

The waiting won't be forever.

Merry Christmas...blessings abundant on your family!!!

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