Saturday, February 8, 2014

9 months (My Funny Valentine)

Funny how 9 months outside the womb goes so much faster than the 9 months it takes you to grow a little human!  We are so blessed to have this sweet fella.  Asher, these are things I want to remember!
*You are starting to use your hands more and more.  You are even starting to sign "all done" and "more" while eating.  This is usually after you have thrown a huge fit and I encourage you to sign instead of using your anger skills.
*Which leads me to this:  you are a passionate little boy.  Most of the time, you are easy going and so sweet but you are definitely coming to the age where things frustrate me not getting your baby food ready fast enough for your liking. You are starting to really voice your opinion on things which leads to a bit of, umm, shall we say...screaming!  We are trying to nip that in the bud!
*When I get you up after nighttime and naps, we open your door and you start jumping up in my arms and looking all around trying to spot your brothers.  It's a sad day if they have already gone to school! 
*You have an orange nose all the time.  What can I say, you love your veggies!
*Your independence level has sky rocketed the last month.  You rush through nursing as if you don't have time for such trivial things.  You play in your bed and talk to yourself after your nap which is nice!  You reach for who you want to hold you. You hate confinement...but that doesn't mean we don't confine you at times!
*You wear 12 month clothes and size 3 diaper.  You go to the doctor next week...can't wait to see your weight and height stats!
*You will snuggle under mine and Eric's chins.  You know how to lean in for kisses. You sometimes open your mouth big and then lean in for a kiss. 
*You have those three brothers wrapped around your little finger.
*You love your "puppy" ride on toy, little Elmo, stuffed monkey, chew toys, and balls.  You like to read board books and hit the pages.  You are starting to find the tag on your blanket.  As soon as you get it, the thumb goes in your mouth.  (Just like Eli!)
*These days have gone so quickly.  I feel like the "baby" days of snuggling are quickly coming to an end.  Lord, give us grace to parent Asher well as we move more into the discipline and training phase.  (sniff sniff) Give Asher an obedient and teachable heart. Thank you Lord for the blessing he is to all of us.
Here is my Funny Valentine...

This look says, "Gee, no one ever told me I had superpowers."

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