Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Over It

I am ready to kick this month to the curb.  It has about done me in on so many levels.  Can I get an amen that we are really aliens living in some foreign world?  Amen and amen!

Do you ever go through seasons where you feel like everything you try or life as you know it is thwarted or stolen? It seems to be my theme right now.  I know God can be the Divine Thwarter (prevents things from happening that you were hoping would happen.)  But, I also know the Enemy steals and destroys.  Right now, I am trying to lay it all before God and see which is which.

Our church has "home church" where smaller groups of people meet in homes one evening a week to live life together and further study God's word.  We've been in one for about 13 years.  It is such a blessing to have a group surround you and help you when you are sick or when you are moving or when you simply need to cry.  Good things are happening at our church:  growth!  But, with that, our home church needed to multiply in order to allow new couples into each group.

I kept some friends and lost others to the other group.  Now, I know they are friends forever and all that jazz.  You can't strip away that many years of doing life together in just one blink.  But, I felt like something precious was stolen away from me.  Call me female, but this has been the hardest thing on my heart.  On the flip side, I love the new people in our group and am so thankful that God has placed them with us!  Sorrow and joy.  Always dancing.

Take this other example of something being thwarted!  I ordered myself a personalized necklace (kids names, etc.) from etsy in January.  It was something I wouldn't ordinarily do for myself so it held a lot of meaning for me.  After four attempts with the seller to see if it was on its way, she still won't respond back.  I had to open a case with etsy to see if the matter can be resolved.  I paid. I want my necklace.  Seems simple, but a month after ordering, I still have no idea the status of that necklace.

And another example! The first part of February is always a nail biter around here.  I am extra tense, cry my eyes out, and simply refuse to breathe until the 13th passes once again.  I ordered my Mom flowers from an online site to bring a little beauty into a harsh day.  They, too were happy to take my money.  But, did my Mom ever get her flowers?  No!  I could not get the company to return my emails or calls either!  I mean the Better Business Bureau better watch out because I am one fired up daughter!

To aid in the joy of the month, the stomach bug hit our house last Saturday.  It has looked differently on each of us, but I am so over this! I almost sold tickets to Vomit Fest 2014. I was supposed to sing Sunday, but again, that got thwarted!

And, this morning, our shower nozzle started spraying in all funky directions, including our ceiling which is never a good thing. 

Are you laughing?  Well, I think I will join you, then!

Sometimes I wonder what is spiritual warfare and what is simply part of living in world that really isn't our home.  I can't wait for Jesus to be physical King where friends never leave your group, grief isn't in your vocabulary, all flowers get delivered, the stomach bug never hits, shower ceilings aren't ruined, and meaningful necklaces come in the mail.

It is hard down here.  But, Jesus knows what it is like to be us.  That brings a smile and a bit of comfort.

In the midst of hardship, I do see beauty all around, though.  I celebrate with those who are rejoicing.  I have a friend who received an audible word from God.  I have a sister in law expecting a baby.  I have another friend who had to give up her precious baby for adoption since she had him at a very young age.  This gal, almost 19 years later got to meet her son on facetime!!!  What joy, to see a part of her heart restored. 

Life is hard.  But it is also very beautiful.


The Rippy's said...

Great post Becke'! Amen to a terrible month! And stomach bug here too last week :( We are so ready for spring around here! :)

Kelli said...

Yeesh! What an ugly month for you guys! Glad I could provide a spot of joy to it (well, me and little Elsa/Kristoph), and DEFINITELY glad you're on the mend. :)