Thursday, February 2, 2012

Asking for Wisdom

The theme of wisdom has been all encompassing around here.  God is telling me all I have to do is ask in faith and He will give it.  (See James 1)

But, I think we as believers need to know how to receive it from His Word.  I keep coming back to this one page in Beth Moore's study on "David:  Seeking a Heart Like His."  She explains the method she uses in seeking to hear from God.  Hope you enjoy!  (These words are hers and taken right off page 106...hope sweet Beth doesn't mind.)

1.  I acknowledge my specific need for direction.  Example:  'Lord, I have been asked to serve on the pastor's council.  I need to know whether or not this council is Your will for my life at this time.'  I almost always write my question in a journal so that I can keep a record of God's activity in the specific matter.

2.  I continue to pray daily and study His Word.

3.  I ask Him to help me recognize His answer.  He usually helps me recognize His answer by bringing His Word and the Holy Spirit He has placed within me into agreement over the matter.  In other words, I resist reading into my situation everything God's Word says.  I specifically ask Him to confirm with His Word and His Spirit what He desires to apply to my life.  One or two weeks later I might be studying a particular passage of Scripture and His Holy Spirit will draw my attention to it and remind me of my question.  The Spirit seems to say, 'Look, Beth, that's it!'

4.  I ask for a confirmation if I have any doubt.  You might ask, 'What if the Holy Spirit still hasn't given you an answer when the deadline comes?'  I usually assume the answer is no.


Me again.  I always seem to fail at step 3, where it talks about reading into my situation everything God's Word says.  When I want wisdom, I want it NOW and I forget that His wisdom also includes the right timing in giving us wisdom.  Like Beth says, "I am learning to be more patient and allow God to be more specific if He wishes."  Asking for wisdom is a wise thing to do...but waiting for it to come in God's way and timing requires a whole other level of it!  It all reminds me of something my father in law says often, "You know, God always has a way of working these things out!"  Guess I should relax and let the Sovereign One work it out!


Vanessa said...

I love this! I struggle with step 3, too.

Vanessa said...
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