Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Uber-Talented One

My beautiful and sweet sister came to see me this weekend!  Amelia dared spend a weekend with us.  I think all I offered her was Honey Nut Cheerios and leftover spaghetti so she may never come back.  Now that she is a married woman with a real job, I feel like she is getting closer to my age (umm, 29.) 

I marvel at this girl sometimes.  While walking past Hallmark, we saw a door hanging that we fell in love with.  After finding out the cost and refusing to pay it, she said, "I can make that."  I had no doubt!  The girl is crafty and fearless.  I would have walked out of Hobby Lobby discouraged, thinking I wouldn't even know what to buy to make such a thing, but she just waltzed in there, loaded up the cart, came home, and threw this beautiful baby together. 

Isn't it adorable?  {Thank you Mini!}

I think of my baby sister and marvel at how similar we are...we are both easily moved to tears with compassion and can't handle seeing someone in need.  We both are sensitive and tender hearted.  We both have a gorgeous Momma and kind Daddy.  We both were blessed with wise husbands who lead well.  We both could eat Mexican three meals a day. 

But, as she grows older, I realize how God made us completely different.  She is courageous and willing to try new adventures.  She hates reading but loves investing in whole classrooms of children at a time.  She has the ability to immediately make people feel loved and special...she seems to have a special favor with everyone God puts in her path.  While I love to study God's Word, she loves to live it out.  She is more forgiving than I could ever hope to be.  She is a giver to the core wanting absolutely nothing in return.  And she is a fashionista who tries her best to keep me up with the trends.

I can't tell you how thankful I am that God surprised us with her...she has added light and joy to my heart in so many ways!

 {Scott and Amelia with my three hooligans}

{photo courtesy Todd Owens Photography}


Amelia said...

Your post just made my day. Your words are to sweet and I'm so thankful for YOU! You are an amazing mother,sister, and woman of God. Yes, we are different but the secret is- I'm always striving to be more like you!

Cassie said... said...

I love it! My sister is the same way. I'm good at buying the stuff...I just never do get it together!