Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A new kind of therapy

Enter my age:  34.  Much too young to be told that you have the beginnings of arthritis in your neck.  But, at least it doesn't catch me off guard.  I have struggled with muscle tension, neck pain, and headaches since I was in college.  Unfortunately, it has gotten progressively worse...and I guess a dose of arthritis doesn't help matters much. 

I have prayed and sought help...trying to figure out why on earth I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.  It seems that even the tiniest amount of stress goes straight to my shoulders and neck...radiating pain up into a killer headache as well.  I keep telling myself I am too young for this, but I guess everyone has a thorn in the flesh.  

I think grief over the years affected my posture.  It stole some confidence and courage and seemed to beat me down into a slumped position that says I can't face the cruel world.  I guess in a way, my shoulders simply gave up to the warfare.  But, that is just my spiritual take on things...since you know I have to have a spiritual take on everything.  :)

My beautiful and witty physical therapist has me under her care, though.  And she means to see me to some restoration of health.  Going in twice a week is a time challenge, but who knew that traction could feel like heaven? 

Out in the open, for everyone else to gaze upon my prone and helpless state, she told me she was going to get more aggressive with my neck.  As in, I am going to yank it off your head now, if I have your permission.  (Love you Erica!)  I told her to go ahead, but don't mind me screaming out in horror in front of all the other PT's and patients.  She continued with a more gentle regiment.  Apparently, she wants to keep her job and me calling for an ambulance in my decapitated state wouldn't aid her in this process.  HA!  (Trust has grown deeper and she yanks all she wants now.  The correct term is thrusting manipulation...sounds kind of like neck rape to a simple girl like me.)

In truthfulness, physical therapy has given me more motion in my neck.  Perhaps, even some healing.  I still get stiffness and pain, but as I try and improve my posture (which is so hard while reading, studying, etc.) I think I can start to avoid the really bad episodes of pain. 

Oh, and then there is the issue of weight lifting.  Erica is making me pump iron!  I secretly love her for this, because I needed someone to kick me in the pants and tell me to grab a weight or two.  The idea is that if I build up some muscle in the neck, shoulders, and back, then my sheer new She-Ra strength will keep me away from pain.  Or something like that.

So, today, I salute physical therapists...and praise God for giving me friends who are PT's...knowing I never would have gone to a stranger. 


Kelli said...

Laughed out loud at neck rape. Glad you're starting to feel a little better. :)

Erica said...

:) this makes my heart smile. and for the record, it's always been consensual my dear. Love you. Blesses my heart to get to work on you.