Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Party!

As you get older, you learn the wise way to do kid birthday parties:

1.  Don't spend money on hyped up places like Jump Zone
2.  Invite kids over to play, because that's all kids want to do anyway
3.  Keep it simple...especially if it is going to be at your own home
4.  Invite about half the amount of kids, that way you have your sanity at the end of the day
5.  Don't waste money on party favor/treat is your child's birthday, not the guests'
6.  Do one fun out of the ordinary thing...this year, we went with banana splits instead of cake

Speaking of banana is the lineup:

 The whole caboodle.  (Don't you just wish that your kid could come over and get all sugared up?!!)
 The streusel cake for the family party later that night...per Eli's request
 Eli with his balloon family!

Clean up:  simple
Eli's happiness factor:  10
{and a huge thank you to God for beautiful weather so I could kick them all outside!}

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Bugs and Sunshine said...

What a fun party idea! Love the colorful pictures!