Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Word of the Lord...

The Word of the Lord came to this person and the Word of the Lord came to that person.  Have you ever wondered what the first mention of "The Word of the Lord" is in the Bible?  I mean, God must have meant it to be a pretty special word, being the first time he uses that phrase.

In John we see that Jesus is the Word, and that He was with God in the beginning and that He was God.  So, in essence, when we see that "The Word of the Lord" came to a person, it is just as much Jesus appearing to someone in the Old Testament as it is God.  Now, I know they are one in the same, but for whatever reason, I feel like I know Jesus better than God, and this thought brings me some comfort.

So, obviously, God has already spoken to mankind before this first mention of "The Word of the Lord."  He has talked to Adam in the garden and asked him about his whereabouts, trying to get Adam to recognize the condition of his heart.  He has also talked to Cain and confronted him about his temper tantrum when God didn't accept his offering.  We also see God speaking to Noah when he tells him that he is going to be spared as He gives instructions for an ark.

So, why this shift to "The Word of the Lord?"  I don't really know the answer...but I have just one idea.  God first uses this phrase when he approaches Abram (before he changes his name to Abraham) in a vision.  It is Genesis chapter 15, the scene in which the Abrahamic covenant is introduced.  Abram falls into a deep sleep and the Lord promises land for the Hebrew people.  Since Abram is asleep, it is as if God is holding Himself to be the only one responsible for keeping the covenant. 

I think it is possible that the idea of covenant is what brings about this "word of the Lord."  If Jesus is the Word, then He is foreshadowed as the only One in the future who will bring about the New Covenant, the lasting covenant that only His blood could bring about.  Just like the bond of blood (by cut animals) the night of the Abrahamic covenant, so Christ's blood would become the blood required for the final covenant. 

So, are you ready to hear the very first words of "The Word of the Lord?"  I hope they settle into your marrow and linger, giving fresh hope for this new year and adventure that we are embarking on.

"After this, the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision:
Do not be afraid, Abram.
I am your shield,
your very great reward."

How interesting that with covenant as a backdrop, God refuses that His children writhe in fear.  Covered in promise and dripping in red blood, He wants us to know that we have the very great I-AM on our side.  Not just on our side, but as our very shield to fight off the enemy.  And God doesn't stop at being our defense.  He is also our very reward. 

You don't need me to tell you the Hebrew word and definition for fear.  Chances are, you are living yare' on a moment by moment basis and don't need me to tell you that it means to be frightened, afraid...to live with dread.

I think I am there in so many areas.  Fear that someone may die this year.  Fear that I don't know what the future holds.  Fear that God will cast me from His presence because goodness knows I don't deserve Him.  Fear that God will require something of me that I just can't give.  Fear that things won't ever change.  Fear that things will change.

It is consuming and mind numbing, this fear.  And yet, in the backdrop of covenant, God wants us to know that He has come to shake it from us.  He is our shield.  He can even shield us from fear if we dare give Him a chance. 


bigsis said...

I love this Becke... what a great and powerful "Word" to take us into the New Year. Thank you for your passion of wanting to go deeper in revealing and understanding God's Word.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

:) Love!