Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taming the Tongue...or loosing it?

We sit in a circle, sad that one couple of our group has left us for Dayton.  We begged them to move to the beach instead, but Ohio was where God called.  So, we look at our James study, not willing to talk much, because the verses hit hard.  Apparently, our tongues are evil.  And we seem to know this truth all too well.

We sit and dare to talk about how each of us lets loose this evil through the tiniest of muscular appendages.  Sarcasm.  Gossip.  Slander.  Off color remarks.  Cursing.  Arguing.  Yelling.  Teaching questionable truths.  Flattering.  Lying.  Bragging.  Talking behind others' backs.  The list just wouldn't end.

And I sit silently because after saying that I like to fun-cuss on occasion, I am too proud to admit to any other ugliness that spews forth from my heart.  God is teaching me that holiness is beautiful.  Sometimes I am anything but beautiful.

In my silence, the Holy Spirit tells me that Satan uses my tongue for evil in a way that hasn't been mentioned.  The Enemy ties it up and binds it from speaking at all.  Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.  But, Satan seems to put a snare on it to keep it from speaking the things that are true.  Encouraging.  Uplifting.  Hope giving.  Praising.  Life giving.  Beautiful.

Why am I so terrified to praise my husband for obliging me by drying off inside the shower instead of outside?  He is doing it simply to make me happy and I can't even thank him for it. 

Be loosed, tongue.  Be loosed to speak eulogia (blessing) over others.  Be loosed for beauty and not evil.

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Erica said...

I love this. Love it.