Friday, January 20, 2012

2012: Time to Organize!

So, I have this book called Organized Simplicity.  I really like it, I just need a kick in the pants to start doing what it promotes.  One thing it says is to only keep what has beauty or use.  If it isn't beautiful to you or you can't find a use for it, then give it a kick out the front door so you can have more space to breathe! 

If I had a schedule that allowed for the 10 day program this book calls for, then I would start.  But, my life seems to give me only snippets to devote to organization, so I thought I would tackle one small project every week.  Not enough to overwhelm me, but enough for me to see some change and hopefully keep me spurred on! 

My first project was my cookbook.  I print ALOT of recipes via food network and pinterest.  Today, I combined them in a much larger (and cuter!) binder and purged all the recipes we don't love as a family.  I love to cook (or at least eat good food) so this was a practical thing to do to aid our family.  It gave a huge feeling of accomplishment, as well!

 The second project was our sock drawer.  Eric and I have shared a sock drawer all 13 1/2 years of marriage.  I think it is the secret for having a happy marriage.  {Ha.}

Eric wears dress socks everyday and always has to hold them up to the light in the mornings to see what color he is holding.  I found a divider at Target and separated the piles into black, navy, and brown/tan.  I left a slot for athletic socks, and voila, the man has it so easy in the mornings!  There is something about an organized sock drawer that just makes it easier to breathe in the mornings!  Love it!

What organizational projects are you tackling?


Pam said...

Great job! Keep the pics coming...maybe it will send a little motivation this way :)

Bugs and Sunshine said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I can organize, I just lack the desire and the energy. Never had this problem before. Yuk! You might need to bring that energy over here to get me started.

Erica said...

I thought for two seconds that the leopardish looking print stuff that is blurred were underwear.

Thanks for making me smile :)

Becke' said...

It is a sock drawer, Erica. Socks. I will not be disclosing the underwear drawer on this blog! But, you know, when I posted that pic, I someone thinks those hot socks aren't socks at all...doesn't surprise me it was you! ha!