Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It was Thanksgiving week.  I hadn't even been praying about it, but when the Holy Spirit whispered the word, I knew exactly what He meant.


I knew it was the word He was speaking over me for 2012.  Joy in 2011.  Sometimes joy cohabitates with grief, but overall, it was a joyful year.  And now fruit.

While sitting opposite one another and trying to keep our golden retriever out of dear husband's lap, we seem to have the same heart's cry.  We are crying out for growth.  Growth that might look like fruit.

At first glance, the word fruit seems positive, and I am sure that the actual fruit is.  The terror lies in what it takes to cultivate the fruit because I know there is no fruit without sacrifice.

I'd love to have the fruit of:

spiritual growth
understanding the Word
knowing God
loving others well
mothering with grace and consistency
coming alongside of Eric in a way that truly helps him
a powerful prayer life
a righteous home
healing (me in neck and Eric in cholesterol)
wisdom and discernment (to hear God's voice and follow)
peace no matter what happens
coming into my role and calling
and on and on...

Fruit seems like a broad word...I can't wait to see how God brings it about!  In John, Jesus says the Father prunes the fruitful branches so that they will be more fruitful.  My gut revolts at this idea because I know the stripping and cutting can be quite painful.  But, if bearing much fruit glorifies God, then I am game.  A year of glorifying God, now that sounds sweet.

I've spent the past week or so in complete surrender, recognizing His sovereignty and grandness.  I have no claim on what this year holds.  Lies from the Enemy threaten to tell me I know best, but such arrogance doesn't get me very far.  So, I hold my hands out in full surrender.  Perhaps by the end of the year, I will be able to recognize how God has filled those empty hands with something sweet...something fruitful.


Michelle said...

Love the posts about fruit and fear in the same breathe so to speak especially when we are in the midst of them both.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

That dog will hunt!!!


Love this post, love the list, can't wait to see what unfolds for you this year!