Saturday, March 24, 2012

After the Rain

I just love the promise of a spring shower.  The smell fills the nostrils as you curl up in your chair with a favorite book.  Coffee with Sweet Italian Cream is within arm's reach, begging for a taste.

The theme of rain has been heavy since last August.  I blogged about it in depth here and I often revisit it, to remember that God indeed taught and I didn't dream it up.  Sometimes, when you are in between rains, you need to remember what you are waiting for.

It is dry in this soul of mine.  Ever since December, I was thrust into a barren land.  The desert isn't new to me, but I am just so thirsty.  As the deer panteth for the water, so my soul longs...

It longs after the One who has been silent for quite some time.  I know He hasn't forsaken me.  I know He isn't angry with me.  I know He is at work even though I can't discern His movements.  I know that He has a purpose for the stillness.  But, the parchment makes one weary.

Once you have tasted and well, tasted that Sweet Savior is good, you need a fresh slice of that living loaf.  Last year's nourishment is fading fast so new sustenance must be on the way.  Surely, it is coming.  Surely.

The prayer for rain is all encompassing these days.  I am so full of drought that I don't even know whether to tag it with the "former" or the "latter."  I would gladly take a dew and would gladly take a downpour.

I know that after the rain, things rise from the black earth, open with boldness, and show off their God-hue.  What color is He creating while I remain buried deep?

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