Thursday, March 15, 2012

Top Five: Travel!

Still per request...where would I like to travel to?  You mean there is a world beyond Arkansas?  Sometimes I feel trapped in this little bubble, longing to have a single week to break free and go see the world!  How awesome would it be if money weren't an option, to take a year off and just go see what God has created!  Now we're talking! 

I guess it is hard to limit it to just 5, but maybe these could get me kicked off...

1.  The beach.  I really don't care where, I just love to sit on a beach and watch the sunset and hear the waves.  I guess Phi Phi Beach, Thailand would be alright...

2.  Israel.  I just think the Word would make so much more since if I could just get over there and get a feel for the area.  How precious to think that our Savior lived there...what an awesome place that would be to visit!

3.  Australia.  I used to have a fetish for koala bears when I was younger.  And that aussie accent...can't get enough.  My brother in law does work in Australia quite regularly...I am only a tad jealous.  I want to see the Sydney Opera House and the Twelve Apostles, for starters.

4.  Amazon Rain Forest.  Hello gorgeous!  I love animals and it would be awesome to see species I never get to see.  (I just need someone to keep me from all the bad guys.  Yes, you, snake.)

5. Hallstatt, Austria.  I just have no words, except that my sister in law Kelli has been there.  It is just picture-perfect amazing.  Me and my camera would have some fun!

I am seeing a definite theme of water in these pictures!  Well, which trip are you with me on?

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Kelli said...

We are going back to Hallstatt in 2015. No lie. We've put it on the calendar. And we don't want to go alone so start saving sister!

And I love :-)all those same places.