Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Fitness Pal???

Well, the time has come.  I have been in denial for years, thinking I can manage, perhaps even lose a little weight on my own: without changing a thing.  I have somehow kept my weight within a 10 pound range for 6 years, but the pants are just so tight right now.  This girl needs to breathe.

I know if I join a gym, I won't go because I hate early mornings and because the rest of the day is cram-packed.  So, a girl told me about "my fitness pal" which is an online calorie counting food diary sort of thing.  In other words, it is harsh reality and I guess I could use a dose of that.

I only want to lose a pound a week and guess what calorie-per-day it spat out at me???  1260
Are you nuts, fitness pal?  Cause I think you just might be.

Yesterday, I had a protein shake, small taco salad, small popcorn, southwest salad, handful of tomatoes, and  ton of water and I still went over 58 calories.  It told me if I kept eating like that, I would gain 4 pounds in no time at all.  My new pal isn't very polite.

The good news about my pal is that I can eat my exercise calories that I burn.  So, if I burn 150 calories in a workout, I get to add those to the whopping 1260 calories.  Simple starvation might be the key in keeping me on treadmill for 5.6 hours a day.

I know people who have stuck with this program and lost a ton of weight!  It always makes me happy to see a personal success story.  My only question is do these people still have their right arms or were they gnawed off in the middle of the night in an attempt to feed the beast?

My fitness pal tells me that I will have a higher success rate if my friends will join the free site and we can cheer each other on.  I promise to be nicer than this new pal of mine.  Oh, and the scales this morning showed me lighter than yesterday morning.  hoorah.

Excuse me now.  I have 1260 calories calling my name.


Amelia said...

I have my fitness pal... I'll keep u motivated! Hehe

Erica said...

1260 = crazy. That's all there is to it. Let's shoot for 1500 at least...for the arm's sake if no one else.

Betty Downs said...

I'm doing Fitness pal also! Betty

Betty Downs said...

I'm doing Fitness pal also! Betty

Kelli said...

I'm doing it too. Mine told me I could only have 1200. Riiiiight. I did join the gym, though, so that's helping a little. But it makes me more hungry which makes keeping that number low harder! Grrrrr...

The cat's meow said...

I have been doing Sparkpeople. It is the same, and free, but it gives you a calorie range. Mine was 1200-1550 a day to lose 2 pounds a week. I too was very surprised at the amount of calories I was eating, when it seemed like very little food. :P I am considering joining Weight Watchers online for my last couple of months in the States. If nothing else, to just not gain weight while I am here!