Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adventures in a Foreign Land

She was 10 the day I married.  She wore a halo of baby's breath on her head that had already been adorned with beautiful blond curls.  I took a big gulp because I knew deep down, that this what it.  This was my last chance to come home and live with my family and watch my siblings grow up.

I chose marriage instead.

I know it was God's plan, but it still haunts.  I tried to come home for the the bigger events, but it put a huge whole in my heart not being able to be a part of their every-day lives.

I won't ever forget the time I was visiting home from college.  Amelia tucked a note into my Bible while we sat in church.  It said "Please, don't go."  I still have that note.

An eleven year span separated us then and it still does today.  But, God seems to be graciously allowing the years to evaporate and simply let us enjoy each other as sisters.  Not me as the big sister, changing diapers and keeping her safe, but just sisters.  Friends.

I like that.

We found ourselves on a little adventure this past weekend.  Into all things flea-markety, the Brave One talked me into heading to Dallas.  She was to already be there, all I would have to do is fly myself to Dallas.  I grimaced at the thought of asking, but I had to ask Eric as he was driving me to the airport.  "Ummm, when I get off the plane, how will I know which way to go?"

"Signs, Babe.  Check the signs."  I think he was more nervous in setting me free than I was in leaving.

While on the plane, I battled my ears popping the whole time while I watched the lady to my left down a Jack and Coke.  It wasn't even lunchtime yet.  So, this is what the real world looks like...

I found my luggage, found my sister's camaro, and we found ourselves in a store that sold huge elephants for 18 grand.

I called Eric and told him I was in a foreign land.

I know that girl is my sister because we ate Mexican every chance we got.

Canton.  That's all I have to say.  Have you been to Canton, Texas?  Because really, that was what this adventure was all about.  Well, maybe except for the run to Macy's, which may have been worth the trip all by itself.  Two pair of jeans that fit in one day?  Yes, a glorious and foreign land for sure.

Canton.  Population 4000, but over 100 acres of booth after booth of amazingness.  Furniture?  check.  Jewelry?  check.  Junk?  check.  Luggage, purses, art, antiques, clothes, accessories, food?  check. 

It was something, that is for sure! 

Amelia loaded up her husband's truck with goodies for her flea market booths and sent him on his way while we braved the 100 degree temps and only one building with air conditioning.

But, we were on an adventure in a foreign land, so that was OK.

Tuckered out completely, we found ourselves sharing a big king sized bed and laughing our heads off at a Tyler Perry movie and wondering if there was anything on earth more fine than Shemar Moore.


I hope we get to share many more adventures together...


Kim said...

Sounds like so much fun -- something I always wish I had. So happy for you guys.

Bugs and Sunshine said...


So glad you two got to have a fun weekend!

Our dinner of left-over chicken, pizza and diced apple hit the spot-haha!

Mark and Cari said...

I LOVE me some Canton!