Friday, July 27, 2012

Dresser Upcycle

Whoop Whoop!  My dream has come true!  I have finally painted a piece of furniture!  {Happy dance.}  Amelia came to town...we shopped flea markets, attended the antique show here in town, ate mexican, and gave my dresser a little love.

It's official.  I like painting furniture.  Taking something borderline ugly, working with it a few hours, then falling in love with a totally new piece of furniture is just priceless!

Here was the dresser we worked with.  It was passed down to us years ago by Eric's parents.  While we've been thankful to have it, I have never really cared for it.  So, I picked it first to upcycle.

Now, this product is the key.  It is change-your-life-awesome.  We are talking no-sanding, no-priming, just slap on some paint and then sand a little distressment and then slap on some wax.  Real easy-like, which was going to be the one and only way I was going to get into this furniture painting business. 

Another good thing about this paint is that it is fumeless.  Which means you don't even have to leave the comfort of your air conditioned bedroom, folks.  {Enjoy sweating I do not.}

And the big reveal!!!
 The distress marks look better in person, but here is a close-up.

 And a little night action.  I never dreamed I would like these old-school brassy knobs on this piece, but I think it works beautifully against the white shade.  It's almost, dare I say, classy.
 Here's my painter-teacher-helper-extraordinaire.  She is one talented sista. She reminds me of God in that she can look at the ugliest of ugly and think about what she can do to transform it into something beautiful.  Creates and transforms, she does.


Kim said...

I LOVE it Becke'! Good going!

blessedpath said...

Be careful it IS addictive!! Looks great!! ;)

bigsis said...

Becke - Where did you get this miracle, wonder paint?? (serious question) ... and does this mean the kids can have free reign with grafitti and then you just "erase" their creative spontaneity? (not serious question) Love the final result, and the table-scape on top of it!

Becke' said...

Hey big sis! My sister found it at a store in Fayetteville called Red Hill. maybe they can ship you some if you can't find it near you! order the clear wax as well. on the not so serious question...I read somewhere that said you can use three coats of paint to create more of a chalkboard use...not sure if it works or not. good luck! Becke'

Bugs and Sunshine said...


Anonymous said...

Love it!! Kelley T.

Anonymous said...

Becke' that looks beautiful. So glad you finally got to change it's look!! Congrats! Barb