Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Asher's Birth Day

God did more than we dreamed.  He constantly assured me all morning that He had given me treasure in my sack and that I need not fear, peace was mine.  (a verse in Genesis.)

The whole morning was filled with peace, joy, and anticipation.  The labor and delivery was smooth.  The pain manageable.  The friends and family surrounding us was abundant.  I felt loved.

Asher came out beautiful and perfect in every way.  Prayers for a safe delivery and healthy baby were sweetly answered.

And then our eyes could finally see what our hearts had imagined.

We fell in love.

{Thanks to all who would grab my camera and snap shots here and there..but specifically to my Mom who captured the delivery!}


Amelia said...

Such a beautiful baby boy!! So happy for you!!

Kelli said...

Love all the pics. I am expecting lots and lots of pictures since I can't be there. Just so you know. The bar is set really, really high. Love you. Thanks for talking to me tonight.

Leslie said...

LOVE! Can't wait to see him. I have a gift for him and will plan to bring it by with some food soon.