Sunday, May 12, 2013

On This Mother's Day

On this Mother's Day, we wrapped up our newest bundle and headed to worship the Creator of all. 

We marched ourselves on stage, this new family of six, and listened to our pastor dedicate our sweet new gift.  He prayed for salvation at a young age, Godly friends, people to encourage and disciple Asher along the way, and a Godly understanding wife.

I simply stood there and let the tears fall.

I am not worthy of such blessings.  The word grace washed over me on this mother's day.

His grace has been lavish.  I think of the loss and heartache over the past five years.  I wondered if God would ever bring forth new life and restoration.

I look in Asher's face and I see grace.  Amazing and abundant and alive grace.

On this Mother's Day, I praise Him for a new song to sing.

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Amelia said...

You are worthy of such a blessing! In both God's eyes and mine!! Love u!