Thursday, May 16, 2013

That Smile

He looked right at me and smiled today.  That sweet Asher smile.  Maybe it was gas.  Maybe it was a fluke.  But this mama knows it was the most precious smile she had ever seen.

My soul and heart have been double dipped in joy these past 18 days.  I have savored every feeding time, every diaper change, every bath, every nuzzle, every sweet smile.  Asher has brought blessing to my inner being.

So many friends and family members have allowed me the time to sit with Asher instead of being in a rush.  Running a household of six is no easy thing without a newborn, much less with.  Just the laundry is enough to keep me tied up every single hour. 

But, friends and family have joyfully provided delicious meals.  They have offered car rides to boys whose schedules don't stop.  Eric has been gracious to run errands and make sure the big boys are on track with homework and end of the year activities.

And I have allowed myself this time of grace. 

Because deep down, all I want to see is that smile.

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