Friday, May 31, 2013

Because I needed to laugh!

I am that mom...go ahead and hop over to her blog and read about her end of the year school drama.

My own version is similar...end of year party after party, email after email about end of year party, field trip, what to wear, what to bring to lunch, what not to wear, what money to bring, what paper to sign, what this and what that...all the while trying to find my eyes after sand was dumped in them from middle of the night feedings.

I am pretty sure Eric stepped in.  The whole month of May was quite the blur.

My favorite moment was when Cade had a project due THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!  Who does that?!  :) 

Hop over here and read this.  Cause it is Friday and you need a laugh, too.  (Oh that we were all this honest...might make the world a less intimidating place.)

Jen Hatmaker's Blog on being the "worst end of school year mom ever."

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