Friday, August 9, 2013

Cousin Lovin'

Eric has a couple of younger brothers, one being Lee.  Lee has the gumption to raise his family in sunny-perfect-in-every-way Florida, leaving us all missing him, his hot wife, and his three kiddos.  The good news is that they come to see us all for an extended period in the summer. Our kids love getting to see their cousins for long periods of time.  They maximize their time well and have treasure hunts, silly string wars, pool parties, nerf gun wars, and movie nights.  They play well together until about the last day when all are so tired that someone inevitably falls to the ground in a heap of snotty tears.  {Or maybe that happens because they know a hard goodbye is right around the corner.}

One of my favorite things to do while they are in town is to get an updated picture of Eric and Lee's Grandmother with all her great grandchildren.  This year, we got to throw Asher into the shot. Her heritage just keeps getting blessed!

I often wish they lived closer because Eric and I love "doing life" with Lee and Kelli.  They are super fun to double date with because the conversations are always real and sometimes quite hilarious.  One night, we sipped our decaf Starbucks and pretended we were hip while we complained about the hard seats, the invisible vacuum that sucks all our money away, and bowel movements.  We are getting old, what can I say?  {Insert:  today I colored my hair for the first time due to the mass amounts of wiry gray.  Old, I tell ya.}

I am blessed to have family on both sides that I adore and love being with. God has been so good.

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Kelli said...

Oh we love you guys. Florida would be perfect-er if you guys came down here. Several houses on our street are for sale.






Alright. We'll take what we can get. The time is never long enough, but it's always sweet. Love you guys so much!!!