Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Survivor {Mommy Episode}

I never once in the past thirteen years watched the show Survivor.  But, boy, howdy, was I on the show these past two weeks.  The only difference is that I didn't lose a ton of weight, don a two piece, or get a superb tan.

Eric has gotten to see some amazing and beautiful places around the world with his current job.  He has seen London, New York, Finland, China, and Argentina.  I wasn't ever too jealous until he announced earlier this summer that he would be going to Sydney, Australia.  (Hello opera house.)

My oh my.  My dream animal was a koala bear when I was a little girl.  I sang opera in college.  I secretly wanted to marry someone with an Aussie accent.  God just isn't funny sometimes.

Throw in the fact that Eric would be traveling the first two weeks of school and I wanted to contort myself into some awkward shape and squeeze myself between his suits and running shoes.  Because let's face it, actually having to pay for a plane ticket across the world simply wasn't feasible. Not if the boys wanted to eat for the next five years.

So, I put on my big girl panties and told him I would run the ship here at the old homestead.  The one with the non Aussie zipcode.

I learned one thing these past two weeks:  a 1:4 parent to child ratio is never a good thing. 

Whew.  I need a vacation.  Stat.

Me, the lovely insecure type, got thrown into two new schools, seventeen new teachers, and three new sports teams.  All that on top of trying to find my eyelids two hours earlier than normal, trying to mesh a 3 month old's schedule into whatever the new normal is, and photography kicking back up.

I found myself having real panic attacks, thinking that if something happened to Eric, this would be my life.  And I am telling you, you'd have to come see me in the looney tune asylum cause I'd be a little (or lot) on the cray-cray side.

Every night, after tucking us all in, I would take a big breath and say whew!  We are alive!  I didn't kill us today!  And that made it a good day.  :)

The good news is that he is almost home!  After a 24 hour travel period, he is almost home!

The boys and I decided to go celebrate the fact that we survived these two weeks by none other than stuffing our faces with unlimited amounts of salsa, cheese dip, and fajitas at Patron.  I started laughing at Sam who was singing some made up Mexican song.  Como se llama...let me see your momma...

He has the best little voice and he sounded so official that I started laughing so hard that I started snorting.  Cade got onto me and told me to pipe down.  All my pent up anxiety and frustrations of the past 15 days came crashing out in snorts and belly laughs.  It felt good.

Here's to a husband and angels and four precious boys who keep my world spinning.

I am a survivor.


Anonymous said...

So glad you survived. Hope Eric had fun. LOVE your writing style. :) I'm also hoping the boys are adjusting to their new schools and finding some good friends. Tell everyone hello!

Kelli said...

Well done, Mama! You'll have to make another Mexican run sans kids after daddy gets back so you can have a much deserved Margarita!

Oh and just a little reminder - your sister in law lives in the beach. If you and that little roly baby of yours need to getaway for a couple of days, I have a place for you.

Just sayin'...