Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miley and King Saul

I know, I know.  I am so over the topic, too.  I am pretty much sick to death of Miley this and Miley that.  The last thing in the world I wanted to do was add my opinion.  But, God showed me something this morning.

Me and two brave souls are going through the whole bible together.  We have been at it a year and if we are lucky, we only have a year left!  It has been the most beautiful thing, seeing the Story as a whole and seeing God's threads of redemption throughout.  I am amazed every single week not at man's rebellion but at God's mercy and loyalty towards us. 

This week, we looked at the Israelites and their desire for a king.  They were sick to death of Yahweh, the True King.  Even though he fought their battles and brought deliverance after deliverance, He was invisible.  Not good enough.  So, they cast the Almighty aside and begged for a flawed human, one that would make them look good when they paraded him around to the enemy. 

Oh how we long for what we can see when the Invisible is all we need.

The scriptures don't lie.  They wanted a physical human king so they would look like the other nations.  They wanted to discard their holy uniqueness and culture.  Being set apart wasn't good enough any more.  Idols, anyone?

God, in His mercy, knew this day was coming.  Way back in Deuteronomy, He said...Now when they ask for a king, these are the parameters for allowing one...  God would allow a physical king but it wasn't the most beneficial thing for the people.  He was up to two things.  One, turn them over to their errant ways. Sometimes He gives us what we can see so our souls can eventually see that we are really craving Him when the idols don't live up to their expectations.  Second, point the way to the One True King, Jesus, the only human king that would ever get it totally right. (The same one that is coming back to reign, hallelujah!)

Enter Saul.  A man like no other.  Heads taller and handsome to boot.  God was up to something.  He was going to use Saul to show that man should not look at the outward appearance, but at the heart.  I want to laugh when Samuel says Saul is to be king and we find Saul shaking in his britches, literally hiding among the baggage.

We weren't made for fame.  We weren't made to take the place of the true King.  Saul must sense some of this.  He is scared out of his wits.  He has no idea how a human king should act and he doesn't even bother to find out from Samuel or the Lord.  He is about to be thrust into a position that God all along said was not the best thing for the people.

Enter Miley and every other celebrity that we scorn and gossip about when they lose their way.  They aren't meant to be on pedestals.  There is only One that is meant for worship and fame.  What else can happen except for a spiraling downfall.


Unless the spirit of God controls the person.  Only then can a person in a position of authority or fame be kept from pride and be kept from using others for their own advances.

Maybe that was why God instructed the kings to write their own copy of the law (word of God) and to read it daily.  Only then would they learn to govern the people wisely and cast their own desires for wealth and women and control aside.

So, pray with me.  Pray for Miley and the other countless ones who need the Spirit. I see that Miley dances and gyrates and exposes herself in order to hide her own baggage.  Wouldn't it be beautiful to see that baggage stripped see them dance and sing before the Lord one day?  Using that talent for His glory?

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